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The University of Akron

C. Blake McDowell School of Law - Akron, Ohio

Type: Addition & Renovation

Size: 100,000 sq. ft.

Cost: $25,000,000

Services: Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, and fire protection

Scheeser Buckley Mayfield was the MEPT engineer for this multi-phase renovation and addition. This project required phased rehabilitation of three connected buildings, plus demolition of a fourth building. The new focal point of the facility is a two-story addition including a moot court and two large lecture halls. Partial occupancy of the facility was required throughout the project, so phased construction documents were generated to assist in making sure MEP systems    remained active. The project included faculty offices, dean’s suite, lecture halls, counseling offices, law library and student study zones, and a future café at the ground level atrium. New chilled water and high temperature heating water mains were replaced within the facility and several new air handlers were designed. Where possible, existing air handlers were  salvaged and rehabilitated in-place. The facility is completely covered by a wet pipe sprinkler system and new restrooms and associated plumbing systems were installed throughout. 

New energy-efficient LED lighting was provided. Several spaces required specialized lighting design, including multi-story atriums, tiered classrooms, the library, and the moot court. A new networked lighting control system was designed to provide    energy code compliance with occupancy sensors and time-of-day scheduling software. New speaker and combination speaker/strobe locations were designed with consideration for audibility and intelligibility of mass notification messages. 

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