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New Vista Behavioral Health

Sunrise Vista - Canton, OH

Type: New Construction

Size: 50,000 sq. ft.

Cost: $9,600,000

Services: Mechanical, electrical, and technology


This project converted and renovated an existing skilled nursing facility into a 70-bed behavioral health hospital with both inpatient and outpatient services. Part of the existing building was demolished, and a newer part was renovated. An addition was also added during this phased project. SBM coordinated with the architect and owner to meet behavioral health guidelines with ligature resistant fixtures and equipment and system design.


Mechanically, the existing hydronic fan coil system was evaluated and determined to be not salvageable. New through-the-wall PTAC units were designed for the existing building, along with a new dedicated outdoor air system with energy recovery. The new addition included a new fully ducted variable air volume system with multiple thermostat zones and electric reheat. New plumbing fixtures were designed throughout the facility to modernize the patient rooms. The building is completely protected by a wet-pipe automatic sprinkler system.


Electrically, the foremost goal was to minimize ligature risks within the facility, for patient safety. This was accomplished by tamper-proof and break-away fixtures. The existing electrical service was upgraded to accommodate the increased HVAC load and building addition. The upgrade included a new main electrical switchboard in the existing main electrical room. Since this room was not located near the service entrance, some floor slab had to be removed to install the new service entrance conduits. Some of the existing power distribution was maintained in order to reduce costs. A diesel emergency generator was installed to pick up the entire building.


The site civil design work included site clearing, water main relocation, storm sewer system and grading, and parking lot upgrades. Space constraints resulting from a tight city lot, budget restraints, and the timing in the phased construction presented challenges during this project. SBM effectively overcame them.

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