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City of Martinsburg

Police Dept. & Municipal Court - Martinsburg, WV

Type: New Construction

Size: 32,000 sq. ft.

Cost: $9,500,000

Services: Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology,    and fire protection 


SBM provided engineering designs for the construction of a new police and court facility. The building houses the police station, municipal courts and ancillary functions. The design of the MEP systems includes LED lighting, high efficiency boilers, an emergency generator, and energy-efficient HVAC and plumbing systems.


The HVAC work included the design of supply air systems, exhaust air systems, and ventilation systems to serve all areas of the building, including rooftop air handling units (RTU). The RTU utilize electric refrigeration and gas heating and provide air for ventilation cooling and tempering the air. VAV boxes are located throughout the building to provide zone temperature control. The design of sanitary waste and vent piping, domestic water piping, natural gas piping, and plumbing fixtures was provided. Electrically, a new 800-amp, 480/277 volt, 3-phase, 4-wire underground service with pad-mounted transformer was designed to serve this building. Exterior and interior LED lighting was designed. The fire protection scope included a wet pipe sprinkler system for the entire building, fire water service to a point 5 ft. outside the building, and fire risers and mains within the building.

_Martinsburg Courthouse - SBM - 17175.jpeg
Martinsburg Courthouse - SBM - 17175 - 03.JPG
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