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London Correctional Institution 

Power Substation - London, OH

Type: New Construction

Cost: $1,900,000

Services: Electrical


The project included the design and installation of a new 69 kV to 13.2 kV electric substation outside the facility boundary fence and removal of the existing substation. The substation design was based upon the low-profile type and included voltage regulators and automatic power factor correction capacitor banks. The installation of the regulators provided for correction of low voltage conditions at the facility. The substation included two transformers with a secondary tie at the 13.2 KV level. One transformer serves the London facility and the second transformer serves the Madison facility. The substation secondary tie permits feeding of all substation loads in the event one of the transformers fails or is taken offline for maintenance. The design of the substation includes a 13.2 KV switchgear house to enclose the substation’s 13.2 KV switchgear. The design of the new substation includes the extension of the existing 69 kV line to the substation as well as the installation of new 13.2 KV underground feeders. The project included the design of a small section of underground ductbank so that a small section of 2400 volt, 3-phase overhead wiring that crosses over the perimeter fence could be placed underground. The project also included the design of two new 13.2 KV electric services for the Police Academy and the BCI building. These services were tapped off the existing Madison facility overhead feeder and includes separate submetering.

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