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EV Charging Stations 

ev charging station.jpeg

Co-written by SBM Electrical Engineers 

February, 2021 

Our world continues the push for cleaner energy sources, increasing the demand for electronic vehicles. As of October 2020, over 5.4 million hybrid electric and 1.4 million plug-in electric vehicles were sold since they came on the market in 1999 and 2010, respectively. As consulting engineers, Scheeser Buckley Mayfield continues to see more and more clients inquiring about the installation of electronic vehicle charging stations on both public and private projects. Though these installations can appear simple on the surface, they vary in complexity and require detailed planning to provide a design that meets each client’s unique needs. The location of the charger should consider accessibility to an electrical service and network connection, accessibility to the public, and handicap accessibility. The type of charger specified will depend on type of vehicles and desired charging time. A quick feasibility study can provide guidance for the project, as well as estimated costs.

There are grants and potential funding sources available to offset the costs for the entire process. And over the life of the charging station, charging fees paid by users can offset the maintenance costs of the station and even provide revenue. In the past year, SBM has assisted with preliminary studies, designs, and grant applications for EV charging stations in multiple locations across the state. If you are considering adding electric vehicle charging stations to your facility or would like to learn more, please contact us.

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