St. Joseph Warren Hospital

Infrastructure Upgrades - Warren, OH

Type: Renovation

Size: 5,620 sq. ft.

Cost: $620,000

Services: Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection


SBM designed HVAC replacements for aging mechanical systems as part of a series of infrastructure upgrades. A large air handler was replaced, and a phasing plan was set in motion to replace other air handlers with minimal interruption of services in the occupied hospital. A steam to hot water heat exchanger was installed to allow greater heating system flexibility. Multiple steam coils were replaced and UV lighting was installed in air handlers for coil disinfection.


Mechanical systems upgrades consisted of replacement of a large central air handling unit (AHU), three AHU steam coil replacements, steam humidifier replacements, digital controls upgrades, and addition of a new hot water heating plant. A new 10,000 CFM AHU was installed in the existing basement mechanical room while the existing AHU remained. A phasing plan was set in place so that two other basement AHUs could be replaced in the future. Three AHU steam coils were replaced. Steam and condensate piping was reworked to allow for proper flow and condensate collection. Steam to hot water heat exchangers were provided to allow for greater heating plant flexibility. Digital controls were installed and integrated with the central building automation system.


Existing electrical connections to equipment were removed and connections to new mechanical equipment was provided. A new distribution panel was designed to serve the new HVAC loads. New duct type smoke detectors were added to new air handling units.


SBM designed replacement systems with ease of service and maintenance in mind. Mechanical and electrical systems were carefully tracked to make sure new components would function with the existing infrastructure.

St. Joseph Warren Hospital Infrastructure Upgrades - PUR - 17026.jpg