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Kanawha County Public Library

Main Branch Addition and Renovation - Charleston, WV

Type: Addition & Renovation 

Size:76,700 sq. ft.

Cost: $24,120,000

Services: Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology


To improve functionality and accessibility, the 55,102 sq. ft. original limestone structure, built in 1911, was renovated and 2 modern wings totaling 21,600 sq. ft. were added to the south and west sides. The original building houses public floor space, classrooms, an idea lab, conference rooms, offices, restrooms, an IT room, and a kitchenette. The two wing additions house offices and public floor space.

In the existing building, all mechanical components, piping, ductwork, controls, and fire suppression components were demolished or abandoned in place, with the exception of the two existing condensing boilers, and the fire service entrance. The demolished systems were replaced with new. Direct digital controls were provided for all new HVAC equipment.

The lighting design utilized a variety of highly efficient LED lighting fixtures to create a brightly lit, inviting atmosphere. Fixtures were chosen to complement the size and scale of the spaces. Exterior lighting was provided to highlight the building’s classic architecture. A new digital lighting control system was designed to provide dimming controls and time schedule functions for flexible user control.

The technology cabling infrastructure design included fitting-out a server room, and three telecom rooms with plywood backboard, wire ladder pathways, equipment racking, wire management, and telecommunications bonding busbars. Wireless access point outlets were provided for complete Wi-Fi coverage and connected with CAT6A cabling.

This project won 2 awards. The AIA West Virginia Honor Award for Excellence in Architecture was earned for the overall project. The interior Legacy Wall feature was awarded the AIA West Virginia Honor Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship.

Kanawha County Public Library - KCPL - Main Brand Addition and Renovation - Josh Beeman -
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