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Cabin Creek  

Health Center - Sissonville, WV

Type: New Construction

Size: 10,800 sq. ft. 

Cost: $3,073,000

Services: Mechanical, electrical, and technology


Project is a new standalone outpatient health clinic. Building consists of several exam rooms, retail pharmacy, and dental area.


The HVAC system consisted of a variable refrigerant flow system with an outdoor air handling unit to provide ventilation air to the spaces. The outdoor air handling unit will be 100% outside air with DX cooling, gas heating and energy recovery wheel. A majority of the spaces are served from a ducted unit with a few zones served from a ceiling mounted cassette unit. A new water and gas service was extended to 5’ outside the building for extension by the site contractor to the nearest main water and gas lines. A new sanitary and storm line was also extended to 5’ outside the building for extension by the site contractor to the nearest sanitary and storm main. The domestic hot water for the building was provided by a natural gas condensing hot water heater and master thermostatic mixing valve. A recirculated hot water line and distribution pump was installed to reduce the amount of wait time for hot water at the plumbing fixtures


A dental equipment schedule was created for coordination of all special equipment requirements throughout the building. Dental Chairs, X-ray equipment, autoclaves are a few of the special dental equipment that would be used in this building. New 130kW, 208/120V natural gas outdoor generator provides power for emergency and optional standby loads. Optional stand-by loads consisted of miscellaneous dental equipment, receptacles, and mechanical HVAC system. Several scenarios were considered during the design of the generator to accommodate the emergency power requirements while staying under budget. Local AHJ required battery packs for emergency back-up of select fixtures to comply with Life-safety requirements. New interior and exterior lighting consist of all LED light fixtures with a digital lighting control system controlled via timeclock. Lighting power density and controls are designed to meet ASHRAE 90.1 standards.


The telecommunication design included fit out of one telecom room with equipment racking, wire management, power, telecom grounding system and cooling. Connect telecom outlets throughout the facility with category-six (CAT6) cabling. New intrusion detection system partitioned into two systems (clinic and pharmacy). Provide new IP video surveillance system covering interior and exterior of building.

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