Cabin Creek

Health Center - Sissonville, WV

Type: New Construction

Size: 10,800 sq. ft.

Cost: $3,073,000

Services:  Mechanical, electrical and technology


The new standalone outpatient health clinic consists of several exam rooms, a retail pharmacy and a dental area to provide health care for an underserved area of West Virginia.


The HVAC system included a variable refrigerant flow system with an outdoor air handling unit to provide ventilation air to the spaces. The outdoor air handling unit utilizes 100% outside air with DX cooling, gas heating and energy recovery wheel. Several scenarios were considered during the design of the generator to accommodate the emergency power requirements while staying under budget. A recirculated hot water line and distribution pump was installed to reduce the amount of wait time for hot water at the plumbing fixtures.


A dental equipment schedule was created for coordination of all special equipment requirements throughout the building. Air and vacuum piping were installed for owner supplied air compressor and vacuum pump serving dental chairs.


New interior and exterior lighting consists of all LED light fixtures with a digital lighting control system controlled via time-clock.  Lighting power density and controls were designed to meet ASHRAE 90.1 standards. An IP video surveillance system was installed to cover the interior and exterior of building. 

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