Kent State University

Center for Visual Art - Kent, Ohio

Type: Renovation

Size: 127,900 sq. ft.

Cost: $27,000,000

Delivery Method: OAKS CI

Certification: LEED Silver

Services: Mechanical, electrical and plumbing


This project converted the abandoned central steam heating plant into the KSU’s Center for Visual Art. As the building once was the heart of the steam and communications campus network, several remaining active systems and utilities had to be traced and reworked while minimizing downtime. The mechanical infrastructure was replaced in its entirety, except for a small portion of the building that was reconnected to the new services. The HVAC design included the installation of steam to hot water heat exchangers for air handling unit heating coils, terminal unit reheat coils, and perimeter heating equipment. Chilled water was extended from the main campus system across the site to provide cooling for the building. Metering was installed for electric, domestic water, natural gas, chilled water and heating water, and steam systems to track and monitor usage. Multiple variable air volume air handling units were designed for the project, utilizing variable air volume terminal units and hot water reheat coils to maintain individual space temperatures while maintaining code minimum outside air quantity requirements. 


Within the spaces there are many types of specialized equipment including kilns for firing clay, furnaces for glass blowing, woodshops, welding areas, ceramics studios, and a photo lab. Each piece of equipment has its unique specific safety, air and exhaust requirements that needed to be maintained, while not interfering with adjoining space requirements.

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