St. Elizabeth Health Center - Medical Building

LizHealthCenterSt. Elizabeth Health Center
New Hospital
Boardman, Ohio


This project consists of a new 192,000 sq. ft. Hospital addition to the existing Diagnostics Building. This addition consists of a seven-story facility containing 96 general medical surgical beds, 12 ICU beds and five surgical suites. Other areas include Central Sterile, Endoscopy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pharmacies, Lab Areas, and a second floor Kitchen and Dining area open to an Atrium at the new Main Entry Lobby. The mechanical design includes the installation of an 1,800 ton central chilled water system, a 27,000 MBTU heating water system, and a steam boiler plant located within the facility. The main plants were designed to incorporate the potential future addition of another 100 bed patient tower as well as back-feeding the existing Diagnostic Building. Multiple design strategies were used for energy efficiency including the use of variable volume flow on air, chilled water, and heating water systems. The steam boiler plant was designed with stack economizers to recover heat rejected through the boiler stacks. Multiple air handling units utilizing variable air volume terminal units with hot water reheat coils were used to maintain minimum air quantities. Plumbing systems included the design of medical gas utilities including new manifold systems, alarms, compressors, and associated piping. A secondary water service entrance and fire pump was also designed for the facility. Fuel oil systems were also designed serving steam boilers, hot water heaters, and generators, utilizing transfer pumps, day tanks, and an underground storage tank.

The electrical design includes the upgrade of the existing electrical service, installation of an emergency generator, upgrade of the fire alarm system, nurse call, and clock system. The lighting throughout is primarily 277 volt, and is an extension of the design of the existing Diagnostic Center. Accent lighting was designed in dining and serving areas. A new exterior mounted, medium voltage switchboard was designed to set up the new service arrangement. This three output switchboard backfeeds the existing Diagnostic Center, feeds two new 3000kva, 12.47kv delta to 480/277Y secondary, 3 phase, 4 wire unit substations, and has one spare for future expansion. Secondary electrical closets were set up on each floor to distribute power to branch circuits. Motor Control Centers were designed in mechanical spaces for distribution to mechanical equipment. The essential power distribution design included a new 1500kw, 480/277 volt, 3 phase, 4w diesel generator, which serves transfer switches and downstream switchboards for critical, life safety and equipment branch distribution systems. A voice type fire alarm system for a high rise building was designed, which included upgrading the existing Diagnostic Center system. A public address/paging system was designed which included multiple zones for each area for separate paging and music. An XM Radio system was designed in operating rooms, endoscopy rooms and main lobby. A wireless clock system was designed for ease of expandability and maintenance. Site design included area, canopy and pathway lighting. The Telecom Structured Cabling Design consisted of one main server room and nine telecom rooms. Connectivity between these rooms was achieved with multipair copper (voice,) singlemode and multimode fiber optic (data), and RG-11 (CATV) cable. These rooms terminated over 2000 CAT6 cables from outlets located throughout the facility.

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