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East Campus Chilled Water Plant
Kent, Ohio


This project included the conception and design of a central chilled water plant to serve numerous Residence Halls, academic buildings and auxiliary buildings at the east end of the Kent Campus. The new two story plant was located in a separate building designed specifically for use as a chilled water production facility. The system was designed as a primary/secondary distribution system with variable flow pumping to the connected buildings. The production of the chilled water was accomplished with two 850 ton high efficiency electrical centrifugal chillers and one 850 ton low pressure steam absorption chiller. The plant was designed to accept a future 850 ton chiller as load increases on the campus. The chiller operation sequence was custom designed by SBM to allow optional use by operators of steam energy or electric energy based on time of day or other circumstances. The temperature control systems were a combination of pneumatic moving devices and digital sensors, and the logic was provided by a Trane digital chiller control system integrated into the campus Johnson Controls Metasys system through the use of BacNet. The project also included the connecting of piping to numerous existing buildings with existing chillers which were ready to be retired, and Commissioning Services provided by SBM. The electrical design for this project included connection to the campus 13.2KV loop with two loop type pad mount transformers. Two services entered the building, one at 4160V for the centrifugal chillers and one at 480V for miscellaneous pumps and mechanical equipment. The 480V was then stepped down in the building to 208/120V for general purpose receptacles. This project also involved several motor control centers, cooling tower connections and medium voltage chiller connections. In addition, a transformer vault was created and a medium voltage manhole was designed for the site.

During the commissioning phase, SBM worked hand-in-hand with the balancing contractor to assure all mixing bridges were setup as designed to deliver only the required cooling capacity at each building to minimize energy consumption. SBM also worked diligently with both Johnson Controls and Trane control contractors to assure the correct information was being transmitted between the two control systems to accomplish the design objectives. At one point in the commissioning phase SBM staffed the project with six individuals located at each building connected to the system. It was important to know what was happening in each building at exactly the same time. This coordinated effort allowed SBM to verify the control operation and fine tune the system to operate at peak efficiency.

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