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Campus Consolidation
Massillon, Ohio


This project was a renovation of an existing facility and the construction of new buildings. In the renovation, the entire campus was consolidated into a smaller area. Due to this consolidation, a new boiler plant was designed to replace the existing steam boiler plant. Eight 2000 MBH heating water boilers were installed to handle the building heating requirements, as well as the domestic hot water heating. These boilers were dual fuel (natural gas and liquefied propane) to allow the system to remain in operation in case of an emergency where natural gas was no longer available. Also, a new 200 ton air cooled chiller was installed to be cross connected with an existing 200 ton chiller, designed by SBM on a previous project. It was estimated the replacement of the steam boiler plant and associated tunnels with a nearby heating water boiler plant will allow for an approximate 24% reduction in utility costs due to more efficient equipment, better control strategies, removal of auxiliary steam equipment, and the elimination of heat loss in long runs of steam piping. This project also replaced all the existing constant volume air handling units with variable volume air handling units with economizer cycles to further save on utility costs.

These utility savings allowed the State of Ohio Office of Energy Services to provide a sizable amount of money to the project.

The campus consolidation required the design of a new vehicular and pedestrian ingress and egress, new parking lots and a lane boulevard entrance, storm water management and evasion control designs were completed along with site and campus underground electrical and communication feeders.

SBM has provided extensive commissioning on this project to allow the two chillers, installed under different projects, to operate in unison in response to the cooling load.

The project wrapped up all previous phases of the construction projects at the facility to allow for one seamless campus.

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